Storm Reply

Build a Proof Of Concept IoT solution with AWS

This workshop will show you how to create a proof of concept project on AWS. During the workshop you will create a virtual IoT device, connect the device to the internet, send and receive MQTT messages and remotely operate and update the device.


Microsoft Azure Walk-Through

In this 1h session we will introduce the capabilities of our Microsoft Azure Platform and show you important services for your hackaTUM challenge. Join this session if you are interested in learning more about Azure Web Apps, Azure Functions & Cognitive Services and the possibilities of Power Apps.

PwC Deutschland

Insights into the tasks of a security architect based on practical use cases

Companies make themselves vulnerable – consciously or unconsciously. There are many examples of gaps in the security architecture: Employees print and fax secret information that needs to be encrypted – just so they don’t have to deal with the issue of encryption. The security solutions installed by IT thus have the opposite effect. The risk is especially high when users do not properly assess the threats and deliberately bypass the security solutions in place.

Many organizations are aware of these weaknesses. The PwC study „Digital Trust Insights“ shows: Only one in three companies worldwide considers its capabilities to defend against cyber attacks to be good or very good. This makes it all the more important to secure the enterprise architecture. In doing so, organizations should focus on the capabilities that pay off in terms of corporate strategy. Join Dr. Silvia Knittl, Director of Enterprise Security Architecture at PwC Germany, in our interactive workshop and discover the responsibilities behind the position of a security architect.

Argo AI

Autonomous Vehicle Development at ArgoAI: Research Topics and Challenges

Join us for a talk about Autonomous Vehicle Development! This talk will examine current research challenges related to autonomous vehicles and some selected internal work done to mitigate them. There will be a presentation of new datasets for the academic community at large and opportunities for students to participate in competitions!