Twice the Trade: Mastering Sentiment Analysis and Cross-Market Stock Trading

AI’s ability to process extensive data and unveil hidden patterns is reshaping the trading industry. Optiver, a leading global market maker, is at the forefront of this transformation, employing AI and language models to gain deeper insights into the market. By harnessing these technologies, we not only improve the accessibility and pricing of financial products, but also navigate the complex world of dual-listed stocks. This is in line with our mission to foster transparent and efficient markets.

Your mission is twofold: first, to employ a language model to analyse incoming messages on a simulated social media feed, gauging sentiment about stocks and predicting their movements. Secondly, you’ll take on the additional layer of identifying and capitalizing on temporary price discrepancies between dual-listed stocks.

Competing in real-time with other participants on Optibook, Optiver’s simulated exchange, you’ll navigate the complexities of both AI-driven sentiment analysis and dual-listing trading. This hands-on experience not only replicates real-world trading scenarios but also offers invaluable insights into how today’s market players leverage technology for success.

Please note:  No previous financial knowledge is required to participate in the Optibook Challenge, however we highly encourage taking part in our workshop, where we will explain the basics of trading and our challenge in more details.



Software Engineering Excellence: MVP for a geo-distance, weighted ranking algorithm

Develop an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) for the CHECK24 Craftsmen Comparison (Handwerkervergleich).

Your MVP will encompass three primary components: a frontend, a backend, and a persistence layer. The core objective is to design a frontend interface where users can input their postal code to receive a ranked list of craftsmen. The ranking system should incorporate a weighted rank based on the distance between the craftsman and the user, as well as the craftsman’s quality factor. These weights should dynamically adjust depending on the user’s postal code.

You will be granted access to a comprehensive, anonymized dataset of craftsmen, available in both SQL and JSON formats.

Performance is key! Your solution will be assessed not just on functionality but also on the speed of generating the craftsmen list. A swift response time is critical for an exceptional user experience.

You’re free to choose any technology stack, but the emphasis of this challenge lies in software engineering prowess. This entails selecting the optimal tools and strategies to seamlessly integrate them for a superior solution.


Hubert Burda Media

AI News Video

Explore how AI opens new possibilities in the media industry. Today, BurdaForward is
already using an “Magic AI Tool”, that allows to create news videos from text within a few
minutes. What shall we do tomorrow? As an inspiration, you could create a news show with
different presenters and topics, or a Video Chatbot answering questions about news.



Help the Developer

The developing process is not always smooth. At times, it can be challenging and frustrating – even for seasoned developers. JetBrains is here to help people improve their coding experience.

For this challenge, we are asking you to create your own IntelliJ-based plugin or your own application with the primary purpose of making the lives of developers easier.

Your application or plugin could be an AI solution, for example:

  • Routine test creator
  • Code review helper
  • Gitcommand suggester
  • Refactor suggester
  • Code readability checker

It could also be an application or plugin that works on a meta level, for example, something to help concentrate on the tasks at hand.

It could even be both. The challenge is to create an application that will make your coding experience more comfortable.

Ideally, your application will be:

  • Integrated with JetBrains Tools
  • An AI solution (you can use the OpenAI API for your task)
  • Fun to use

Let your imagination run wild!



Create Innovative Financial Applications on Solana

Have you ever wondered how to write smart contracts on top of a blockchain network and interact with them? This challenge invites you to push the boundaries of decentralized finance (DeFi) by leveraging the Solana blockchain.

Your task is to conceive and develop creative financial applications that not only address current market needs but also anticipate future trends in the DeFi space.

Key Areas to Explore:

  1. User Experience: Focus on creating intuitive, user-friendly interfaces. Consider both rookie and experienced users in your design.

  2. Innovation in Financial Products: Develop new types of financial instruments or unique twists on existing ones (e.g., automated yield farming, synthetic assets, decentralized insurance).

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Innovation: Originality and creativity in solving existing problems or creating new opportunities within DeFi.
  • Technical Implementation: Effective use of Solana’s technology stack and overall technical proficiency.
  • User Experience: Accessibility, ease of use, and design.
  • Market Potential: Feasibility, scalability, and potential impact on the Solana defi ecosystem.

We encourage you to think outside the box and develop solutions that not only are technically advanced but also have a potential to become a viable business.



Recipe Personalisation App

Develop an innovative Recipe Personalisation App for HelloFresh that elevates the cooking experience by tailoring recipes to each user’s unique tastes, dietary restrictions, lifestyle preferences, and culinary proficiency. (Example: Given the user is allergic to nuts the app will only recommend the user the nut-free meals).

This app should intelligently analyze individual preferences and restrictions, offering personalized recipe recommendations using cutting-edge technologies. This challenge invites participants to blend creativity and technical expertise to create a user-friendly solution that makes home cooking more accessible and enjoyable for individuals of all backgrounds keeping sustainability in mind.


Rohde & Schwarz

Talk to the log files!

Ensure a data driven world by designing a log file Q&A tool to make processes & life easier.


City of Munich

Be a city hero!

Be a city hero and create something helpful for citizens or the city to cope with extreme weather events such as heat, drought, storms or heavy rain.



Energy Transition in Private Households


  • How can we bring the sustainable implementation of the energy transition to private households? How can we ensure that everyone becomes an active part of the energy transition? How can energy suppliers create incentives for all energy customers to use energy sustainably? How can we reflect on our own behavior? How can we create acceptance for energy savings?


  • Develop a solution that captures and reflects individual customer behavior and helps energy companies develop services that positively address their customers’ individual behavior in order to optimize energy consumption.
  • In doing so, you can build on existing solutions. Do solutions already exist today? What is their level of maturity? What new ideas can be developed? What are the requirements that may be missing and still need to be created?
  • Security aspects must be taken into account for IT-supported solutions. Regarding acceptance and implementation in the customer environment, behavioral aspects should also be included in the solution.


  • Networking within households; Networking with energy companies; Transparency of data streams; Recognizing the need for foresighted energy planning; Securing the solution against cyber attacks


Solana Pay Storefront Loyalty Program

Are you an “Ultimate Rewards” or “Shopper’s Club” member at your favorite shopping location? Maybe you’ve secured a few discounts on purchases from all of the points you’ve earned. Today’s biggest retail companies love incentivizing their patrons with points, rewards, and unlocks that give them reason to keep shopping their products. When brick-and-mortar stores integrate Solana Pay’s Point of Sale terminal, they open their business up to the benefits of crypto. We want you to:

  • Create some sort of on-chain representation of a loyalty program featuring any type of coupon. This can be data/assets and optionally a custom program.
  • Demonstrate a user accessing this coupon during a Solana Pay QR code transaction and redeeming its discount or value.
  • Demonstrate some kind of lookup (can be with a Blockchain Explorer or Command Terminal) that can show this data being tracked on-chain.