Automated Trading System

Bloomberg is building the world’s most trusted information network for financial professionals. One of the services provided on the Bloomberg Terminal is an Automated Trading System. This system enables professional investors to buy and sell financial products like stocks from exchange venues worldwide. You will be tasked with building the basic functionality of a trading system which includes the placing of orders to buy and sell products. This system should be able to find matching buy and sell requests and perform a trade accordingly.



Achieving Trustworthy Digital Identity

Digital identity represents a particular object, individual, organization, or group. Your goal is to identify and build solutions on the Algorand blockchain to enable new applications using all the tools to make digital identity more interesting, secure, and flexible. Algorand is the first post-quantum secure and carbon-neutral blockchain, with high throughput and low cost – exactly all the specifications needed for wide adoption in our daily lives! Same as other blockchains, it offers transparency and data immutability.

Do you like Machine learning? You can build solutions using the open data available on the blockchain! Do you want to create new protocols for e.g., eID to make our lives easier? Focus on the research piece. Do you want to build the next Kerberos or LDAP? Build your own management system!



The SIXT Challenge

From 2035 neither diesel nor petrol car will be sold in the EU. For many years already SIXT is investing into a more sustainable future with measures as electric vehicles and reliable infrastructure.

Reducing the need for private car ownership combined with the electrification of our fleet is one of our contributions to reduce carbon emissions.

This change will disrupt the way car rental is working today. Core concepts like “return the car with a full tank” are not working anymore if you need to catch your flight for example. Slower turnaround times because of charging times will have a huge impact on the business. Customers who do not own an electric vehicle often have no idea how and where to charge. These problems and a lot more need to be solved and therefore we are looking forward to your creative ideas and prototypes.

It is your chance to start making an impact now. What is your solution for the problems of the future? Where is the highest potential to optimize our sustainable future?



Open Digital Earth Reconstruction

The objective of the challenge is to build a mobile app game where the users can experiment a game-like experience while fixing OpenStreetMap (OSM) data issues. The main screen will show a map with the available OSM issues distributed throughout the map and ready to be fixed. Then, the users will have to go to those locations and fix the corresponding issues. For fixing the data issue, they will take a picture (with their phone) of the OSM feature and an automatic system will verify and fix the issue. We provide to the candidates OSM data, the data issues that they have to fix, and a dataset of pictures they can use for the training. Therefore, the challenge is split up in two parts: (1) the app design & gamification part, where the participants will have to design a user-friendly game and an innovative gamification strategy to create a good and attractive user experience. Innovation and user experience are key points in this task; and (2) the technical part, where they have to implement a machine learning model for automatic verification of the data issues. Technical quality and performance are the key points in this task.


Hubert Burda Media

StreamPicker – Best Next Stream

StreamPicker is our platform for people interested in streaming who are looking for new and exciting films and series. We create transparency among providers, ensure entertaining content discovery and thus improve the streaming experience for everyone in Germany. Our challenge for you is, to help our users to find the best next stream! The Crown, Dark, Dahmer…, the best next recommendation can be so different. Use the data described above, enrich it with more freely available content and develop an interface, product or feature that takes our users to the next stream. Built a best in class recommendation which guides our users through the streaming jungle.


Rohde & Schwarz

Bring Microwave Imaging to the next level!

Experience Microwave Imaging firsthand by detecting radar sensors or unleash your creativity and develop your own use case for the future of microwave imaging!


City of Munich

Innovations from City Heroes based on urban data – make Munich smarter

Based on ‘city data’ we are looking for smart services with focus on gamification, fun, instructively, attractive, useful to pimp city services, better understanding, transparency…



Outsmart the Crisis!

Goal: Handle current challenges in a smart and sustainable way.

We definitely live in “interesting times”. So much that you could even say it would be nice if they were less interesting. We seem to slide from one crisis to another, a constant war in different parts of the world and now even at our doorstep here in Europe, the looming climate crisis with its ever-increasing pre-shadowing effects or the relatively new addition of financial instability through inflation and resource scarcity. Not even mentioning a still ongoing pandemic.

In these challenging times, however, we want you to focus on possible solutions to this plethora of problems. How can technology help to alleviate the effects of global warming, reduce CO2 emissions, save valuable resources and help people work together on these obstacles?

We want you to develop an app, website or calculator that tackles at least one of those problems. Bonus points if your solution is based in the housing and/or living sector and utilizes ideas for making homes smarter or more efficient.



Making Markets to Make a Change

Join us in our mission to improve markets! Your challenge: develop a trading algorithm to stimulate investments in firms that help build a sustainable world. Your algorithm will compete against others on our simulated exchange in real time!If we’re really serious about achieving sustainability, making the transition to green financial markets and supporting sustainable businesses is of vital importance. As a global market maker, Optiver is fully committed to improving the access and pricing of financial products in the environmental, societal, and governance (ESG) space. By providing liquidity for these products in exchanges around the world, we make it easier and more attractive for market participants to incorporate them into their investment strategies.Join us in this mission at our HackaTUM challenge. You’ll be competing in real time against other participants to create an algorithm that best improves ESG product prices and can handle the pressures of a constantly changing market. You’ll be doing this in our simulated exchange Optibook, which recreates the real-world complexity of trading on a modern exchange. It’s time to collaborate and drive the momentum needed to realise a more sustainable future.



Solana Pay Storefront Loyalty Program

Are you an “Ultimate Rewards” or “Shopper’s Club” member at your favorite shopping location? Maybe you’ve secured a few discounts on purchases from all of the points you’ve earned. Today’s biggest retail companies love incentivizing their patrons with points, rewards, and unlocks that give them reason to keep shopping their products. When brick-and-mortar stores integrate Solana Pay’s Point of Sale terminal, they open their business up to the benefits of crypto. We want you to:

  • Create some sort of on-chain representation of a loyalty program featuring any type of coupon. This can be data/assets and optionally a custom program.
  • Demonstrate a user accessing this coupon during a Solana Pay QR code transaction and redeeming its discount or value.
  • Demonstrate some kind of lookup (can be with a Blockchain Explorer or Command Terminal) that can show this data being tracked on-chain.