Unlocking Technology for Sustainability

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and organization to achieve more. Following this mission our challenge will be an impulse which hopefully inspires you to think about how you can use your abilities and knowledge to empower others. With our impulse: Unlocking technology for sustainability, we are looking for an app that empowers either an individual or an organization to accelerate their sustainability journey with the help of technology. Your challenge can either follow Microsoft’s focus on environmental sustainability or pick up on focus areas mentioned earlier. We want to enable you to get creative and work on the issues you care most about and hopefully but I am sure of it: learn from your different approaches and perspectives.


Business Analytics meets Generation Z – Data Stories for the next Gen of Decision Makers

Inspired by the popularity of short-form videos in social media, we challenge you to explore new ways of presenting analytic business insights. How might we turn traditional dashboards and reports into self-explaining, animated data stories for Gen-Z decision makers of tomorrow? Show us how you would build an exemplary pipeline that converts data into insights, and insights into short-form animated content using state-of-the-art data science and web technologies.


Best social responsibility application

Participants can take inspiration from for ideas that promote philanthropy, environment conservation, diversity and labour practices, and volunteerism.


Cloud-based AI Inspection

The challenge consists of designing a cloud based AI inspection demo which analyzes the image feed from a remote production facility to accurately identify defects and production flaws using AI capabilities thus allowing for manufacturing quality increase and fast reaction in case of short term changes. The challenge will be implemented by the students using Azure services and the goal is to display the flaws in an inspection dashboard.


RoboTaxi Services @SIXT

The future is now! SIXT is bringing a RoboTaxi service to Munich in 2022. Be part of this journey and build something great around this topic.

Rohde & Schwarz


Make air traffic control more reliable over the whole world! Develop a method to detect satellite constellations to ensure a worldwide connectivity to aircrafts by using the onboard standard VHF communication equipment without any modification.


Breaking Badnk

Web3 is a paradigm shift in computing that is leading to a more decentralized internet where users are self-sovereign and harder to censor than in web2. This shift is a direct reaction to the fact that most of the internet as we know it today is „owned“ by big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. In web3 the user no longer has to trust the service provider blindly and can actually check the code that is used by the service provider to manage their digital assets. In other words, in web3 „code is law“.

One of the most successful use-cases of web3 so far is called Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which are smart contracts that implement core finance systems such as lending and currency exchanges with blockchain technology. Hundreds of DeFi smart contracts have been implemented and deployed in the last 2 years holding more than 270 billion USD in assets. The security of their code is critical because any bug could lead to a multi-million dollar hack. In this challenge you will get to experience both sides of the story:1. First, you will build a web3 bank using smart contracts and you will deploy it on a blockchain.2. Then you will play the role of an attacker and look at the bank smart contracts of other teams to find bugs and exploit them.Judging will be 100% transparent and verifiable as the funds that you are protecting with your Bank and collecting as an attacker are all visible on-chain.


The Micro Hack: Smart microscopes, dumb data and you

Microscopes are used as the main tool in many industries. The global microscope market size was valued at USD 9.5 billion in 2020. The precision of microscopes is fatal to achieve good-quality results. Temperature control plays a dynamic role in ensuring the proper operation of microscopes. For example, in the examination of barley seeds germination during beer production, just 1°C fluctuation in temperature might shift the focal imaging of the microscope, thus ruining your favorite beer. In a world where data is the new gold, we extracted the data from different temperature sensors of the microscopes. In order to produce custom products, we analyse this data and create machine learning solutions that can improve the miscroscope’s efficiency and increase its business value. Help ZEISS to provide the best experience and quality to its microscope users by using this log data.


Make living green again!

Goal: Reduce CO2 footprint of your house/flat and of your personal lifestyle

We want you to develop an app, website or calculator that helps our clients to be more aware of their own impact on the environment and how they can improve it.

You can focus on two areas, the personal lifestyle of our customers and their housing situation.


  • Reduce waste, throw away less food
  • Nutrition, eat less meat and avocados
  • Heating consumption
  • Which car to drive
  • Home office
  • Gardening, grow your own vegetables


  • Flat or House, in or outside of a city, wooden or brick house
  • Power consumption optimization (standby devices)
  • Support autarky -> solar panels, calculate savings
  • Building a new house, which type of building cause which lifetime CO2 footprint
  • Renovation

City of Munich

Innovations from City Heroes based on urban data – make Munich smarter

Based on ‘city data’ we are looking for smart services with focus on gamification, fun, instructively, attractive, useful to pimp city services, better understanding, transparency…